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Over the years, Cat Eye Syndrome has had a major impact on my life.

However, I only recently found out about the syndrome a few years ago.
When I turned eighteen, I began to conduct research on it. I found that I could relate to many symptoms.

When I was a little kid, I had urinary tract infections all the time. I had to go for treatment because of this, but eventually I grew out of it as I got older. Also, in sixth grade, I had to have a surgery on my ear because I had a hole in my ear drum. This has effected my ability to hear. I have lost hearing in my right ear. I also get constant ear infections in my left ear. They are so constant, that they occur once every few months.
Not only does Cat Eye Syndrome effect my ability to hear, it also effects my ability to see.
I have coloboma in both eyes, and this means that I have holes in my vision. Because of this, I am close to being legally blind. I have to carry a cane with me in order to help me get to where I’m going without falling.


School is a struggle for me because I have difficulty reading the assignments and textbooks that the teacher hands out. I also have a learning disability, which causes me to take a bit longer than others to understand new topics.
Cat Eye Syndrome has impacted my life a great deal and is everything to me.

I do my best to help spread awareness by making my own ribbons.
They are orange with a zebra pattern. Zebra is my favorite pattern.
These ribbons describe who I am as an individual with Cat Eye Syndrome.
I also made my own Cat Eye Syndrome awareness t-shirts for family and friends.

Finally, I recently created my own Facebook page titled “Team Sarah” to help spread more awareness of the syndrome.

Even though Cat Eye Syndrome is a tough battle, I will fight until the end to help find a cure.