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Adopt Amina

Amina is a little Syrian who lives with her father in a refugee camp on the border of Turkey. She was born with Cat Eye Syndrome.  Help us to pay the medical costs of this surgery and the future ones she will need.
Give her a better future.

Raised: €200     Goal: €15000

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No one more than a child knows how to face life. Adults often forget the importance of a smile even for no reason, but a child never forgets it. Help us keep it always high!
Become a smile ambassador with us!

Raised: €400     Goal: €5000

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Aydin is a child with CES. Pet Therapy was his greatest support in the hospital for his more than 33 operations, but now his faithful companion is gone. Give him a new friend who knows how to support and guide him.

Raised: €600     Goal: €3000

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spread drops of love

Psychological support project for parents, children, families. Finding yourself in pain, facing moments of crisis, not getting lost in fear. Nor allowing the flow of life to take over. Come back to life.

Raised: €0     Goal: €7000

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adopt aydin

Aydin is a five year year old male with Cat Eye Syndrome that live in Texas.
Since he was born, he spent a lot of time in the hospital and had 33 surgeries.
Help his family and give him a better future.

Raised: €1000     Goal: €15000

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Give a Fairy tale

In collaboration with “DramaBooks” association, the goal is to create a series of audio fairy tales in different languages,
to give to blind children, with and without CES, belonging to various associations.

Raised: €0     Goal: €3500

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What would be possible if we managed to implement capillary prenatal, newborn and postnatal screening? To prevent late diagnosis, to identify misdiagnosed cases, amd to understand how many cases of CES are there in the world.

Raised: €0     Goal: €25000

Become A Volunteer

You can help us online or offline. Write us for more information.