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Raised: €400     Goal: €5000

Keep the Smile On!

No one more than a child knows how to face life.

Adults often forget the importance of a smile even for no reason, but a child never forgets it.

The thaumaturgical power of laughter has long been proven as a powerful self-cure in disease and in summary it has been shown that even an induced smile can stimulate those same centers that activate happiness!

For this reason, on March 22nd the Cat Eye Syndrome International Onlus (CESI onlus), on the occasion of the World Day of Awareness on Cat Eye Syndrome, wants to give a smile to everyone by proposing the awareness campaign “Keep the Smile on!”.

Exceptional testimonial Noel, an Italian child suffering from the syndrome, who despite repeated surgeries and 13 months in hospital in his first 24 months of life, has never stopped giving smiles to his family, giving them the courage to continue every day to fight alongside him and, through CESI onlus, alongside all the other children affected by this terrible disease.

Because living your suffering without forgetting what makes us happy is possible and this is what these children teach us.

Babies born with this syndrome undergo corrective surgery from the earliest days, fighting relentlessly for their lives.

But despite this constant struggle, they never lose their smile.

Help us keep it always high!

“Keep the smile on!” and become a smile ambassador with us!

Adopt a child and donate for her monthly expenses