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Give a Fairy Tale

In collaboration with the association of blind people “DramaBooks”, Cesi Onlus is proud to present the project


The goal is to create a series of audio fairy tales in different languages, to give to blind children, with and without Cat Eye syndrome, belonging to various associations around the world.

In fact, Cesi Onlus also supports those persons affected by the same malformative conditions of the syndrome, therefore in this specific case, low vision or blindness.

What are you waiting for?
Give a fairytale to a blind child!

Make a donation and help Cesi Onlus and DramaBooks to cover part of the costs for the creation of an Audio Fairy Tale.

Thank you!!!!

DramaBooks is an association that produces accessible multimedia works, such as scripted audiobooks, plays, comics and unpublished works.
It was born from an idea of ​​Germano Carella, blind actor, who intends to favor the integration of blind actors in the acting field.

Adopt a child and donate for one of them monthly expenses