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All associations have many costs which create considerable difficulties during the launching process.

In addition to the legal costs associated with registering the association, there are start-up and maintenance costs that are essential for an international association like ours.

First and foremost, since this site is our primary communication tool, there are costs related to updating and language translations (English, French , Spanish, Italian, German, Russian) in order to have timely and detailed information.

Then comes our greatest dream: to financially help families that find themselves in exceptional situations, which unfortunately for them are considered routine, such as prolonged hospitalization, special surgery and/or specialist visits, through our screening projects and support.

All this keeping in mind that we would like to enhance, stimulate and support scientific and medical research and increase the level of Cat Eye Syndrome awareness.

This is why we need Sponsors.

The following are some examples of the type of cooperation that can be achieved together with companies / institutions that may be interested.

Free donations
It ‘s the easiest way to support us.

Free donations cover the costs of carrying out one or more aspects of a single project.

In-kind donations
An in-kind donation consists of the transfer of goods or services free of charge by the company in favor of CESI, which is a non-profit organization.
Distance Support
The distance support tool, with which a family is safeguarded and supported in their country of origin through an ongoing free donation, is appropriately based on the size of the company and on the number of employees who may be involved.
Christmas products
In addition to the company fundraising during the Christmas period, CESI offers companies the possibility of customizing desktop and wall calendars with the company’s logo and address.
Payroll giving
Payroll giving is an agreement between the company and its employees (or the unions that represent them), whereby the employees authorize a deduction on their salary to be used in support of a CESI project.
Staff fundraising
CESI suggests a series of activities that can be carried out by involving employees, which can range from awareness-raising to fundraising within the company.
Corporate Welfare
CESI organizes responsible tourism trips on behalf of the companies’ staff in those countries where projects are undertaken.
Cause related marketing
CESI works alongside companies in creating advertising messages that have a strong social valence, for children and families, by associating the image of the company to the CESI cause. This way the company carries out public awareness activity with the help of the mass media in order to portray themselves as being socially responsible.

CESI will draw up an effective communication plan jointly with the company.

For more information, please contact us!

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