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March 22 is the Cat Eye Syndrome International Day of Awareness.

Cat Eye Syndrome is a rare disease, a genetic deficiency, a tetrasomy or partial trisomy of chromosome 22 [inv dup ( 22) ( q11 )], which occurs at birth under multi-malformation conditions that are still not entirely known.

Those who have Cat Eye Syndrome can be found anywhere because the syndrome often occurs with no pathological symptoms, thereby unconsciously increasing the risk of transmission to their children; the syndrome may occur with multiple malformations to the point that it is incompatible with life.

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Awareness does not simply mean showing one’s pride in belonging to a particular or restricted category.

It means shouting to the whole world that one exists with his/her own unique needs. Fundamental needs. Needs that have an effect on life.

And it’s only just that this society, which is detached and focused entirely on itself, finally becomes aware of those who wearily, day after day, must confront life.

We are talking about those small but nevertheless big fighters who from the very first moment of their existence, sometimes after only a few hours, bravely begin to struggle for their survival, without a moment’s respite.

Our world needs more people like this without having to go through all the pain to get there.

It is for this reason that we hope that increasing Cat Eye Syndrome awareness, its history and the people that are affected by it, will also increase, not only the syndrome’s visibility, but also the courage and tenacity of all of us.

If this appeal could have a soundtrack it would be I AM MINE by Pearl Jam.

Because life is ours, it really is worth living for and we should not forget this.

We should do everything possible to defend it; this is what out little ones teach us by courageously facing the battles of everyday life to achieve what we really want.

And my biggest dream right now is to spread Cat Eye Syndrome awareness to the whole world.

Let’s fight together for the right to life, the one we really want, the one which is our right to live.

In our interest and in the interest of others.

Because others exist and this is the primary precondition of life itself and the concept of Awareness.

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 Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help in making this dream of ours come true!

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