Prenatal screening

I know, it sounds crazy even just imagining it, but think about what would be possible if we managed to implement capillary prenatal screening!

Why should we care?

So as to prevent late diagnosis!

Why is it better to avoid a late diagnosis?

Because children are born with important malformations such as heart defects, anal atresia, esophageal cancer, biliary or renal dysplasia, which if neglected could lead to other medical problems or even death.

This way, our children can be operated on at an early stage and given therapies to improve their situation, saving parents the emotional roller coaster of having to look for medical answers to questions that appear unanswerable.

Imagine if all the most important structures that deal with prenatal genetic testing were aware of the existence of Cat Eye Syndrome International.

Parents, before beginning to panic, could meet with other parents of the same country and thus get a true picture of the syndrome which is unaltered by the imagination induced by the little information found on the internet.

Imagine if the families in difficulty, eager nonetheless to have a child of their own, could find financial and moral support in the association and its members, and discover what further prenatal tests need to be carried out and what precautions should be taken before and immediately after birth.

This is the Cat Eye Syndrome International that we are dreaming of.

Help us to realize it!

What can you do to help us?

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