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“Aydin is  facing the biggest challenge of his life.
Aydin already lives with an illostomy because his colon doesn’t function but here recently in November of 2014 Aydin small intestine quit working as well and has been placed on TPN for nutrition the bad affects of this if that it destroys the liver.
The Drs are trying to get aydin in with a transplant team in  Indianapolis to see if he is a candidate for this if not or if his chances aren’t very good than aydin will be placed on Hospice.
We as parents have had a lot to face this past week when aydin was placed back in the Hospital where they are now telling us his liver is now suffering permanet damage  and we are on the clock for time.
This page was created to raise money for in Hopes of Indainapolis but if that don’t come to  be the funds will be used  for aydin’s final arrangements.
So we ask for whatever God lays on your Heart also all the prayers for our little miracle and please visit  Aydin page #prayingforaydin thank you Aydin mom and dad”
Gina and Edward Davis

Aydin is a five year year old male with Cat Eye Syndrome.
Since he was born, he spent a lot of time in the hospital and had 33 surgeries, just to name the major ones: open heart surgery, two liver surgeries.
Aydin was born with imperforated anus and he had it repaired with a colostomy but unfortunately the intestines did not grow muscle nor nerves so he had poor Mobility of his intestines
Recently, also the only small portion of intestine that was working is now giving out and Aydin goes on Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) at night also receive IV bolus during day.

Because of the numerous hospitalizations, Aydin’s mother can not work and her husband just works occasionally while he is attending school in order to be updated and raise the remaining 4 older kids.

Aydin’s family lives one hour away from the hospital where he is in charge so they spent a lot of money in petrol and food supply  while while they are in the hospital, for a minimum of 7 – 14 days a month with an average spent of 60-70 dollars per day.

Even when not hospitalized, they have to attend 2 o 3 Doctor’s appointements in the same town of the hospital.

Unluckly these kind of extra visits are getting more frequent since the intestine situation must be monitored and in case it will worsen again Aydin may risk to be put on 24 hr TPN and not be able to eat or drink anything by mouth.

Unfortunately this kind of TPN can cause long-term damages to all internal organis, and also the liver which has been twice operated, that’s why Aydin is furtherly candidate for an intestinal transplant.

Aydin’s birthday is on March 13th, he is a sociable and lively kid.
Although he is hearing impaired and has visual problems that he compensates very well, Aydin attends kindergarden since the age of 3 and he was found to be cognitive above average in his grade level.
He loves wrestling that he follows on TV with a lot of passion, together with his father.
He likes to run, play baseball for challengers and basketball in a league for special needs kid of his school, the Connally Primary one in Waco, Texas.

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