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The day Lilly was born was the day our life changed forever.
Lilly has many side affects from cat eye syndrome: she has just one kidney, severe reflux, deformed ears, small jaw & also vision impairment.
Even though you may see many things wrong with her, she's the most wonderful child you well ever meet.
Lilly is about to turn 2 and she has been threw so much 5 surgeries 6 very soon and many more to come, this said she always has a smile and sure knows how to make you smile.
Lilly was a surprise that's for sure but I would never change anything because she has made me a better person and made me see what life is really about.
Lilly is behind in done things speech for one, because she had a trach, but for the rest she catches on pretty fast,  doctor once told me that "Lilly would never do anything in life she would never be able to walk play or do anything a normal child could do".
Normal ?
I said Lilly well write her own book, Lilly well do the things she wants to do and no one well stop her from doing that, and that's what she's doing, she doesn't let this syndrome slow her down she is different then other kids but she doesn't affect her, she is the highlight of my life and she's the reason why I pray everyday and why I believe everything happens for a reason.