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Aydin was born on March 13, 2009.
He has went thru 33 surgeries: he was born with imperforate Anus and we were told because of the condition he was born in if he survived day 3 of life they would give him a colostomy so that is what happened.
He also was born with TAPVR heart deficit and it was repaired at 2mths of life he has bilateral colabmoas in both eyes right has no vision left eye has only bottom vision.
He is also hearing impaired in both ears as well and wears hearing aids for both ears.
Aydin has kidney reflux but is getting better with time. He stayed 6 mths in NICU before ever being able to go home the 1st time Aydin also has had 20 intestinal surgeries trying to make him function.
He has had two liver surgeries and Gall bladder removal.
He had to survive for 4 yrs with a g/ j feeding tube plus a port for transfusion and TPN he also had an illostomy placed as well around 3 yrs we found out he has sleep apnea and couldn't chew food because of his jaw set back to far so he went thru jaw reconstruction and now is no longer on C-pap and he eats by mouth in-spite of what Dr told us at birth aydin is overcoming and beating all the odds.
The dots told us he might not survive well he is still here,  they told us he probably wouldn't walk,  he is running, they told is and even taught him sign language that he wouldn't talk, he speaks full sentences, they told us he would be most likely cognitively delayed, well aydin is very smart not delayed at all is in a regular pre k class and loves school and learning and his memory is amazing!
Aydin just celebrated birthday #5 and even tho he only wears a size 2t and shoe size 6 infant.
The past year has been amazing aydin got his jaw fixed and now is eating has no feeding tubes no port and the illostomy has been taking down and he is potty training very well.
Aydin is now doing very well and with all that he has been thru is still just pushing forward and is amazing little boy and even tho the hospital stays have been hard and seeing my baby in some not on so good points and many near death experiences i have to say for me and Aydins family we wouldn't change anything about our very rare miracle.
Aydin has taught me so many things and I have true testimony of Faith IN GOD and this little boy has touched so many lives