Keep the Smile on!
Keep the smile on!

None better than a child knows how to face life.

Adults often forget the importance of a smile, also with a specific reason, but a child never forget it.

The miracolous power of a laugh is tested by time as strong self-heal of diseases and briefly it has been demonstrated that also an induced smile may stimulate the same nerve centers which bring happiness!

For this reason, Cat Eye Syndrome Internationl ngo (CESI) launched this campaign:
“Keep the smile on” , wear this t-shirt, laugh and help others to laugh and remember to always laugh!

Noel is the special testimonial of this campaign, an italian child affected by the syndrome, that despite of frequent surgeries and 13 month spent in a hospital during the first 24 months of his life, never stopped to donate smiles to his family, giving them the bravery to keep fighting alongside him everyday and through CESI onlus alongside all other children affected by this terrible disease.

Because these children teach us that's possible to live our own pain without forgetting what make us happy anyway.

From March 22nd onward, It is possible to become “Ambassadors of the smile” buying on Worth Wearing the t-shirt “Keep the smile On!” related with CESI onlus campaign.

Keep the Smile On!


Wear this t-shirt and spread the smile!

Buying this t-shirt, You will contribute to stretch to children affected by this terrible disease and face everyday of their life with big courage and joy.

In fact, Cat Eye Syndrome is a rare disease, a malformative no degenerative syndrome caused by a genetic anomaly of Chromosome 22.
Children which are born with this syndrome suffer corrective surgeries since their first days, struggling for their life day in and day out.
But, despite of this continous fight, they never lost the smile.

Help us to keep that always on!
"Keep the smile on!" and become ambassador of the smile together with us!

Happy Baby Photography


A warm thank to "Happy Baby Photography"
and Marianna Pavone for the cooperation and the photografic shooting.

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